Why is a course ‘blocked’?  
Courses are blocked when they are full or near full, or when they are reserved for specific students.  When they are full, priority registration goes to those who are on the waitlist (WL1, WL2).  The Geography Student Services staff members manually move individuals from the waitlist into the course every second business day, so it may appear that seats are available but, in fact, they are reserved for those on the waitlist.


Will you let me know when I get moved from the waitlist into the course?  
No, you must check your Student Service Centre account to confirm your registration status.  It will show up on your timetable.


How can I get on the waitlist if it is full?  
If the waitlist is full, we recommend you monitor it via the SSC.  When a spot opens, register yourself.  We do not keep secondary waitlists in the Department.  We are not able to ‘force’ add students to waitlists.


If I am on a waitlist, what is the likelihood that I will get into the course?
We can’t give you a definitive answer to this question. Seats will be assigned to waitlisted students if/when seats become available. You must be patient –  department staff cannot bump you up on the waitlist.

If you have a course schedule conflict, you will be able to register on the waitlist, but you will NOT be moved from the waitlist into the course.  You must ensure that you have space in your timetable to be bumped into the course.  Due to the large number of waitlists in the department, we are not able to keep track of individual student requirements or make exceptions to this rule.


I really want to get into this course, how can I do this?  
Unfortunately, priority registration goes to those on the waitlist and it is a first come, first serve basis.  To be fair to all students, we do not bump individuals on the waitlist above others.


Can I take or register for a course if I don’t have the prerequisite?
Yes, the SSC will not prevent a student who has not taken a prerequisite from enrolling in a course.  When you try to register, it will flash a warning sign saying you do not have the prerequisites, but the system will still register you in the course.   Instructors indicate prerequisite courses to be completed prior to taking a class to ensure that students are properly prepared to succeed in that course.   It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they can handle the content.


I have registered for a lecture but all the discussion and laboratories sections that fit my timetable are full. What should I do?
It is suggested that you try to rebuild your timetable to access the space that is available. Alternatively, keep your eye on the SSC in case a seat in a different section opens up.  We do not keep waitlists for discussion or lab sections.


I wish to register for a course, but it would create a conflict in my timetable. What should I do?
Conflicts are not permitted. You must choose between the courses, or wait for space to open in a section which fits your timetable.


I am in my fourth year and I need this course to graduate in Geography but I can’t get in. What should I do?
Register for the waitlist, if there is one available.  If you have not been moved from the waitlist into the course three weeks prior to the start of term, email undergraduate.program@geog.ubc.ca and we will explore your requirement options.


How can I check to make sure I have completed all of the courses I need to graduate?
All students have access to Degree Navigator via the Student Service Centre.  Degree Navigator shows which courses are required for your degree and the courses you have completed, those in-progress, and those left to complete. Please visit the Degree Navigator Guide (Arts: http://students.arts.ubc.ca/advising/degree-navigator/, Science: https://science.ubc.ca/students/degree-navigator).

The Geography Department Advisor can review your Geography Major/Minor requirements with you, but we are unable to provide you with advice related to the completion of your Degree requirements.  Please talk to an Arts Advisor (http://students.arts.ubc.ca/advising/contact-us/) or a Science Advisor (https://science.ubc.ca/students/advising) to confirm that you have met your degree requirements.  To speak to the Geography Advisor, email undergraduate.program@geog.ubc.ca.


Where can I find a list of course syllabi for Geography courses?
Please contact the individual instructor.  You can find their names and contact information at https://courses.students.ubc.ca/cs/main?pname=subjarea&tname=sectsearch.


What Geography courses are offered during the Summer Session?
The course listing is published near the end of February.  Check the Course Schedule on the Student Service Centre.