Sustainability Concentration

The Sustainability Concentration in Geography is an optional set of additional courses beyond the core undergraduate degree requirements that is available to any student registered in one of Geography’s undergraduate specializations. The courses taken for a concentration are counted toward elective requirements for an undergraduate degree. The courses in the concentration have been carefully chosen to ensure students are exposed to a wide range of ideas from the four Sustainability Attributes developed by the University Sustainability Initiative.

The concentration consists of 15 credits, comprising 2 core courses, 2 elective courses, and 1 capstone course. Geography encourages all students in our major specializations with an interest in sustainability to consider incorporating this pathway into their degree programs.

Concentration Requirements

Required Courses (6 credits)

  • GEOG 211 – State of the Earth
  • GEOG 310 – Environment and Sustainability

Elective Courses (choose two of the following, 6 credits)

  • GEOB 270 – Introduction to GIScience
  • GEOB 307 – Biogeography and Global Change
  • GEOG 311 – Urban Environments
  • GEOG 312 – Climate Change: Science and Society
  • GEOG 316 – Geography of Natural Hazards
  • GEOG 318 – Sustainability in a Changing Environment
  • GEOG 319 – Environmental Impact Assessment

(other courses that have a sustainability focus may be used in the elective category upon approval by Geography’s Manager of Student Services).

Capstone Courses (choose one of the following, 3 credits)

  • GEOG 379 – Field School in Human Geography
  • GEOG 410 – Environment and Society
  • GEOG 419 – Research in Environmental Geography
  • GEOG 423 – Development of Environmental Thought
  • GEOG 429 – Research in Historical Geography
  • GEOG 446 – Topics in Geography: Agriculture and the Environment

How do I apply for the Sustainability Concentration?

You can apply by clicking the Apply Now box at the top of this page. You should apply for the Sustainability Concentration in your last year of study, at the same time as you would normally apply for graduation. All courses to be considered part of the concentration must appear on your transcript at the time of application as either completed courses, or courses in progress.

Will a concentration or a track appear on my transcript?

A concentration will not be denoted on your transcript, but you will receive a letter of recognition at the time of graduation.